Recruiting Global After-sales Maintenance Outlets

Aimix Recruiting
Global After-sales Maintenance Outlets

Aimix Recruiting
Global After-sales Maintenance Outlets

Ensure to have fixed office.

Nature of company: independent legal entity unit;

4+ Professional maintenance engineers.

Telephone: More than 2 sets of telephones.

Over 3 sets of instruments for installation and maintenance use.

Serviceability: There are sufficient human resources to ensure the ability to provide 24-hour service at a distance.

Aimix After-sales Maintenance Outlets

Clause of Revocation of After-sales service outlets:

1.The After-sales service center itself proposes a termination agreement for all kinds of reasons.

2. Aimix office found that the after-sales service center exists in name only, can’t provide after-sales service for our local clients.

3. The after-sales service center was found of words or actions of destroying Aimix’s reputation on purpose and was point out but not corrected.

4. Poor service quality, indiscriminate charges during the repair period, causing bad effects among clients, leading to major complaints that are not resolved. Poor collaboration, who refused our company’s management assignment and made unreasonable demands

5. No after-sales service occurred within 3 months after established the after-sales service outlets.

6. The after-sales service outlets have to report to the company’s after-sales service department and record, before revocation. And withdrawal of business after the company agreed.

7. If the after-sales service outlet submits faked information, then the signed agreement is invalid. All the consequences are borne by the outlets, and the company reserves the right to sue.

8. Only after the service outlets and offices that have been revoked of service center qualification have checked and returned all accessories and other identifying materials, shall the installation and maintenance fees be settled.

Work requirements for Party B:

Strictly implement AIMIX after-sale service policy and various rules and regulations, and bear corresponding obligations and responsibilities.

Unconditionally obey the work assignments of Aimix after-sale service department and office, especially for cross-regional installation and maintenance service, and problems that dealers can’t deal with well.

Actively participate in and cooperate with activities organized by the local quality supervision department, consumer associations, media, and the office.

After-sales service persons must wear Aimix work clothes when they offer door to door service.

Only serve for Aimix group and shall not offer any sale or service business for other brands at the same time.


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